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Artistic Fashion


When asked what art is, many of us reply that it is “a form of expression”. However, art can be much more than merely expressing who you are as an artist, dreamer, individual, member of society, etc. Art, like any other form of entertainment, can have positive effects on the mind and body. The following are some ways in which art (visual arts, specifically) can have a positive impact on your life:

  1. Stimulant
    For starters, art stimulates the senses and the mind. If one chooses to create art in the form of writing or hands-on crafts, you are using at least four of your five basic senses. Art also improves muscle-memory, in which the mind makes connections with the actions you do with your hands

2. Increase of Brain Activity
Creating art will allow you to have a greater capacity of problem-solving, and also help with memory. A physician by the name of Dr Bresky who runs his “Brain Tune-Up” program has stated that his use of art therapy for treating people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia has resulted in more than 70% improvement in memory capacity. The delicate, missing details that you notice in your painting requires attention to detail, or said in another way, observance. Thus, you become more observant the more you practice your art, keeping your brain alive and healthy.

3. Relaxing and Mood Improvement
Art lowers the level of stress (and anxiety) in one’s body because it requires intense concentration on the task at hand. If you are making art for fun, it will especially have the ability to improve your mood as you have control over what you are making and its outcome. Listening to your favorite album and drawing your favorite scenes are twice as effective at uplifting your spirits. And what can make you feel just as accomplished yet not-fatigued as finishing a painting or sculpture? You will not only produce something that is aesthetically pleasing or entertaining, but you will have maintained a good level of well-being thanks to de-stressing benefits of art. Also, remember that physical exercises such as dance are also lovely forms of art! The body releases endorphins, nature’s own pain-killers, when in physical movement. Additionally, much research has proven that art (especially music and writing) has the ability to improve depression levels as well.