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Interior Design

Interior design refers to a group of projects, which involves the transformation of interior space, into one that is suitable for the human activities intended to take place there. Interior design has come about as a result of the development of society with respect to the need for effective usage of space.

It can also be defined as an art that lets the individual apply artistic principles during planning, equipping and furnishing of residential as well as interior spaces. It is a profession in which customer satisfaction and safety are of dire importance. The interior designer comes up with various ideas based on themes provided by the client such as culture, generation and the heritage of the same client.

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, interior design is defined simply as ‘the total creative solution for a programmed interior.’ Interior design is mainly concerned with the harmonization of the interior space with the environment around it and not just the visual enhancement of the interior space. In this light, then there are factors to consider in order coming up with the perfect design solution. First, there is the space, to be designed, and what it will be used for, be it entertainment, healing or worship. Next, there is the significance of the space, be it power, wisdom, achievement or serenity to be considered in large part.

Elements of interior design will range from visual to tactile and to auditory. Visual elements include the form, lighting and color while tactile elements include the texture, surface and shape of the space. Auditory elements include the echo and noise of the space. Decent interior design makes the space function better as it can have a significant effect on a person’s mood and well being.

In conclusion, interior design can be used in workplaces to uplift customer spirit and boost the morale of the staff. It can also be used to attract clients and customers thus consequently increasing profits. Therefore, interior design is a powerful tool which makes the life of man bearable and enjoyable at the same time.